March 4, 2024

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Twenty One Pilots Release Music Video For ‘Heathens’


As many of you know, “Heathens” recently got leaked online and then eventually was introduced to the entire world a few days ago. A lot of rumors were flying around about a music video for the song that will additionally be in the upcoming movie “Suicide Squad”. Today, Fueled By Ramen uploaded the exclusive video and included some scenes from the film ‘Suicide Squad’ as well.

All together, it was an incredible video that they were able to be a part of. A majority of the “skeleton clique” have come up with many accusations about the true meaning behind the song. One can’t simply listen to a Twenty One Pilots song and not wonder behind the mysterious vibes that it produces. My favorite theory is that ‘heathens’ is referring to an ‘outsider’. This video symbolizes that everyone has dealt with their fair share of insecurity, doubt, and pain. Josh is often looked at as Tyler’s positive light in the video and could be a figure of his imagination that kindles in and out when necessary.

Mpst people know their very famous song “Guns for Hands” and how it displays the message of turning “the safety on” the guns that our hands are entitled to be. Although in ‘Heathens’ there’s a part of the song to where it says “Just because we check the guns at the door doesn’t mean our brains will change from hand grenades…” and this goes back to “Guns for Hands”. Tyler and Josh encourage that we turn our “guns” (hands) into a fist” and if you observe closely, the hand can be seen as a grenade. As much as they influence and tell others to not hurt themselves with that gun, doesn’t always mean that every fan will be obedient. The grenade can explode at any time, harming the brain and being very destructive as to ruin the way of thinking.

Lastly, I believe that Tyler is directive towards new fans of the ‘clique’ because the older fans often find themselves judging new listeners because they aren’t as appreciative to find every deep and wrenching lyrical meaning. The ‘clique’ is afraid that everyone is going to become the stereotypical fan who claims that they listen to the music but only knows top singles such as “Stressed Out” or just released “Heathens”.

Here’s the exclusive music video for ‘Heathens’.

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