Track Review: Side FX and Kim Cameron’s “Let’s Fall in Love”

When I think of the artists who top the Billboard charts today, my reaction is typically one of indifference at best. With few exceptions, modern pop music very seldom has any surprises to offer listeners anymore, whether it be in terms of innovation, creativity, or, even more subjective, quality.

Thankfully, it seems that “Let’s Fall in Love” is one of those exceptions. Sleek, stylish, and polished almost to the point of sterility, the track becomes immediately reminiscent of the bright synths and sounds of the 80s, but with an undeniably modern injection.

Though, as aesthetically pleasing as the song may be, this says little of the quality of its content, which, thankfully, does not disappoint. “Let’s Fall in Love” is ridiculously catchy, a conduit for soaring melodies and infectious hooks. By turning one eye to the past and the other to the present, Side FX and Kim Cameron have produced a single that is at once lustrous, danceable, and incontestably addictive.

-Andrew Oliver

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