TNF Premiere: EXNATIONS release new song & lyric video with new lineup, “Never About The Money”

Armed with a new lineup and a fresh sound, indie pop band EXNATIONS are here to deliver their newest single, “Never About The Money”. A catchy track with that all too elusive “stuck in your head” quality, it’s also one that should be all over the radio airwaves in a short time. We’re excited to be partnering up with the band on the new single.

It sounds exaggerated to say that EXNATIONS’ love of creating music knows no bounds, but that is quite literally the case. Sal Mastrocola (vocals/guitar/synth) resides in Brooklyn, just a few state boundaries away from Dan Ciarrocchi (guitar) and Taylor Hughes (drums, synth) in Baltimore. Through the miracles of file sharing, home-recording software and caffeine, they present “Never About the Money,” their latest single that came to life from multiple East Coast cities. Drummer Taylor Hughes says, “We were never all in the same room during this process, Sal recorded vocals in his bedroom, Dan recorded guitars with Chris Freeland(Future Islands, Wye Oak) and drums were done with JK Royston out of his studio in Richmond, VA. We’re literally all over the place”. The band plans to release an EP in the coming months in addition to playing shows throughout the East Coast to support its release.

Connect with EXNATIONS:

Twitter: @exnationsband
Instagram: @exnations

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