April 24, 2024

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Thornhill continue to do whatever the hell they want on massive new single, “Obsession”

Australia’s Thornhill have found a stellar balance between their The Dark Pool and Heroine eras with new single, “Obsession”. The last 5 years have seen the band explode both in Australia and on a worldwide scale, with their sound refusing to be pigeonholed. Are they metalcore? Alternative metal? Alternative rock? One thing we do know is that they surely fit the definition of “progressive”, as they sound is constantly avoiding the stagnation that often plagues other musicians.

And oh my fucking GOD, Thornhill is talented. Jacob Charlton is really quite the vocalist, hearing his range overall is really something to behold. The single is palatable enough to garner a wide reception, yet doesn’t completely disregard their established sound. Also, the guitar riff in the last 20 seconds or so of the song is awfully reminiscent of the end of Deftones’ “Rosemary”, which is pretty neat considering Deftones are also one of Thornhill’s biggest influences. With the video already trending on YouTube, how far will they climb?

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