April 24, 2024

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This remix + cover of I See Stars’ “Ten Thousand Feet” by Monomythic is 100% intriguing

Electronicore bands aren’t supposed to accomplish what I See Stars did on 2013’s New Demons. The often-maligned genre, which merges electronic and often dubstep influences with post-hardcore/metalcore, is usually criticized for the bands and musicians not knowing how to always integrate those disparate genres into something that’s cohesive and confident. There have, of course, been many exceptions over the years. On New Demons, I See Stars released arguably their best album – a quantum leap for their songwriting compared to their first three. A very young band at the time of their inception, this fourth album showcased where I See Stars wanted to go.

One of the biggest songs off this album was “Ten Thousand Feet”, where it’s situated at the corner of where rhythmic bounce and the dance floor come together. Still one of the band’s most popular tracks, the song has now been tackled by the multi-talented Monomythic. Having worked on previous remixes of similar bands in the scene (there’s a Bad Omens “Artificial Suicide” one below that’s interesting), the song’s goal is to merge elements of dubstep, 2010s post-hardcore // metalcore, and industrial to create something that blends a lot of genres together.

The cover + remix, which also features vocalists Andre Arrington with screaming and Jacob Takanashi with singing, is pretty interesting. It accomplishes its stated goal of blending a bunch of disparate sounds together, so it’ll be interesting to hear what Monomythic tackles next. Perhaps another I See Stars song from their early days? Maybe. Interested parties can also find the song streaming at these streaming service locations.

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