This Day In Music History: July 9th, 2002 – Glassjaw transition with post-hardcore masterclass, ‘Worship And Tribute’

Along with other bands of the era that emerged like Thursday, Funeral For A Friend, and Thrice, Glassjaw were a prominent influence on many of today’s biggest post-hardcore bands. Set apart by their love of New York hardcore and their upbringing in those settings, Glassjaw’s success came with the one-two punch of their 2000 debut Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Silence, as well as 2002’s Worship And Tribute.

Both album were released by producer Ross Robinson, often considered the most important producer in nu-metal’s history. Worship And Tribute diverged from the band’s previous album by integrating more nuanced, subtle atmospheres into an already established sound. What the band was trying to do was pretty simple, but it’s all about the execution.

And execute, they did. From the post-hardcore bombast and guitar effects of “Cosmopolitan Blood Loss” to album opener “Tip Your Bartender”, the album never runs out of fun and catchy Justin Beck guitar riffs. Yet, it’s the songs where the band dials things back a bit that are essential, too. Single “Ape Dos Mil” would go on to be a mimicked vocal style in general, while the songwriting on “Trailer Park Jesus” is still felt via bands like Loathe even today. Truly a masterclass in songwriting and craft.

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