These versions of Around The Fur and Meteora with Super Mario 64 soundfonts are giving us ALL the nostalgia right now

Okay, we’ll be honest here, you won’t find too many things cooler than this today. A YouTube + music creator by the name of pgom has created something monumental – versions of White Pony, Around The Fur, and a handful of other albums (so far). They have a specific twist, though, as they’re made with Super Mario 64 soundfonts – and they’re shockingly on point. There’s also other YouTubers who have created versions of Linkin Park’s Meteora, a Pok√©mon soundfont version of Hybrid Theory, various Tool songs and so many more, and it’s really interesting how Super Mario 64 sounds lend themselves well to music creation. and all four of the albums we’ve posted below are faithfully on point to the originals. Especially for Hybrid Theory and Meteora, considering how influenced by electronic music they both were.

Particularly interesting are the new versions of “Cure For The Itch” and “Session”, two prominent instrumental tracks that sound even more intriguing when they’re updated in this way. There’s also the suddenly cheerful version of “Faint”, as well as the version of “Knife Party” that could easily work as a Bowser boss fight tune. We can only hope this is a new genre of music now, tbh.

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