The Word Alive get robbed, track & confront robbers, and retrieve items

In a baffling series of events, industry vets The Word Alive were robbed in Michigan today; thanks to Apple’s Air Tags, the group tracked down the muggers, and frontman Telle Smith, along with 3 others, decided to confront them and walk away with what was stolen.

Telle quotes: “Started off today by getting robbed… Then tracking them with Air Tags… Showed up, and this is how it went Thank god @Philthelightguy had air tags you beautiful man”.

He continues in saying: “We said we didn’t want any problems we just wanted our stuff back… They complimented my @ethika underwear… We said it’s all good, gave them some weed some whiskey and $20 as a peace offering”.

It’s relieving to see that no violence took place during the confrontation and everyone involved is safe and sound. With so many bands losing their prized possessions due to theft during tour, it’s reassuring to see that Air Tags are an effective countermeasure. Whether confronting a mugger on your own terms is a safe move or not, though, is up for debate.

The Word Alive are currently on tour with Starset and All Good Things and will not miss any dates after this event.

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