April 24, 2024

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Post-hardcore supergroup The Difference Between release harrowing new song, “Half Life”

The Difference Between are a post-hardcore band that involve members of Emarosa (from the Corsets Are Cages era of the band), Softspoken, and A Scent Like Wolves. One of the flagship bands of newly-founded Theoria Records, the band also takes influence from the heavier side of metalcore, making for an interesting listening experience that blends old and new styles.

Their new song “Half Life” is a harrowing new track that is more than worth a listen, and we’re stoked to bring it to you a couple days ahead of its release. Give it a spin!

On the new song, vocalist Chris Roberts had this to say: “Half life is (in a way) a confession to my mother. As a child she was married to a very violent career criminal and the unspeakable things I saw him do to her really affected me as a kid. Something I buried inside myself for a long time and really never had a way to express to my loved ones. The first few lines in the track are my interpretation of my mom not understanding why I sleep all day when I can. She never understood it was my only escape. The rest of the track is from the perspective of a very misguided angry man. I spent a very long time thinking of what I would do to my step dad if I ever had the chance. All the times I looked up his address, where he lives. What he’s doing. Ironically becoming what I hated the most. This track to me represents if I had followed through and found him. Making him feel like a helpless child.”

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