The Big Six are deathcore’s new supergroup, and they’re breaking the Internet

Supergroups are nothing new to music, but “The Big Six” are taking it to a new level. Instead of various members from different bands or genres joining together to form a new band, The Big Six decided to take 6 big and fan favorite deathcore vocalists together for a new band.

The members for The Big Six include:

Will Ramos (Lorna Shore)
Joe Badolato (Fit For an Autopsy)
Taylor Barber (Left to Suffer)
Dickie Allen (Infant Annihilator)
Tyler Shelton (Traitors)
And Attila frontman Fronzilla.

The band released their first teaser from their time in studio where they are recording their first EP.

The group recorded at Sweetwater Studios in Fort Wayne, Indiana with Jozy Franco, an employee at Sweetwater, helping the band set this all up.

Franco stated on his IG, “It’s been an incredible experience the last couple days with these awesome dudes. This idea started back in July with @tylertraitors reaching out with an idea that could be the Super Bowl of heavy vocalists and fast forward to today and here we are! Huge shout-out to @aaronisred for writing the nastiest tracks ever for these guys, @dave.dunsire for putting together some crazy and hilarious content and @shawndealey and @jasonpeets for capturing all of the audio. #titansofmetal

This will surely be one of 2023’s biggest metal releases when it happens and leads to so many further questions. Who will be backing this band? Will we hear all 6 vocalists on a track together? Will we see live shows? Tyler from Traitors even hinted at online this only being the first version of The Big 6 with other lineups happening with other metal and deathcore vocalists down the line. It seems like a good idea, but are there even any instrumentalists involved? You’d assume so.

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