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The 100 Albums Of 2013 You Need To Hear, Part 1/4


We’re recapping another great year for music across the spectrum – and we here at The New Fury are here to count it down for you, with #76-#100 of our favorite albums from the year that was.

#100: Within The Ruins: “Elite”

One of the most technically proficient metal bands out there right now. See “Feeding Frenzy” for a great example of this.

#99: My Heart To Fear: “Algorithm”

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The metalcore band’s Solid State debut is calculated (heh, heh) to deliver meximum punch and stand out in an increasingly watered down scene. Along with Fit For A King, one of Solid State’s breakout bands.

#98: Carcass: “Surgical Steel”

Don’t call it a comeback – okay, call it a comeback. “Surgical Steel”, the influential metal band Carcass’ first album of all new material since 1995’s “Swansong”, is a banger from start to finish. The grindcore and melodic death metal pioneers have recorded some of their best songs here, too – it’s an album containing little discernible filler.

#97: Red Fang: “Whales and Leeches”

Stoner rock is alive! With solid releases by Kylesa (whose album Ultraviolet didn’t make our list but is still a solid album) and Monster Magnet, Red Fang’s “Whales and Leeches” ranks among the better albums the genre has to offer.

#96: Havok: “Unnatural Selection”

21st Century thrash metal is what this is. And their live performance is even better.

#95: Karnivool: “Asymmetry”

The Aussie progressive rock outfit does it again – but it may take longer for listeners raised on Sound Awake and Themeta to digest certain elements of the album.

#94: Sigur Ros: “Kveikur”

Ambient and beautiful, one of Iceland’s greatest exports never fails to impress.

#93: Pity Sex: “Feast Of Love”

A short (which is somewhat disappointing) but sweet shoegaze-influenced alternative rock album. One of Run For Cover’s best releases as a label, and trust, they’re well-represented on this list.

#92: Hammock: “Oblivion Hymns”

“I’m pretty sure this is what God sounds like” – commenter on their official music page. Buy the album to learn what we’re talking about.

#91: Indulgist: “Render” Buy the album at the preceding link. I’ve been hyping this Tennessee-based alternative rock outfit for months now, and they delivered with a full-length that will instantly remind you of bands like Daylight and 90’s icons Nirvana.

#90: We Came As Romans: “Tracing Back Roots”

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Surely their strongest complete effort to date – and you need to hear the title track. It’s one of the strongest songs they’ve put to tape.

#89: Tonight Alive: “The Other Side”

A more personal pop-punk album from the Aussie outfit. Their breakthrough album.

#88: Sworn In: “The Death Card”

A heavy and volatile nu-metal-influenced hardcore record. An even more intense live show.

#87: Ovid’s Withering: “Scryers Of The Ibis”

The lyrics are all based on Greek mythology, which is pretty cool. The Central Florida-based band, who are one of the heaviest bands you’ll be likely to see live, combine death/black/metalcore with symphonic elements. Recommended.

#86: State Champs: “The Finer Things”

Pure Noise Records is quickly becoming THE label for quality pop-punk. State Champs falls more on the poppy side of pop-punk – and they’re better off for it.

#85: Impending Doom: “Death Will Reign”

One of the handful of bands who truly define the deathcore genre. Heavy and unrelenting. They have really been gaining traction in the music scene since they released “There Will Be Violence”, and “Death Will Reign” might be their best release yet.

#84: Crossfaith: “Apocalyze”

One of 2013’s true breakout bands, the Japanese metal band never shies away from a good synth line, either. And their live show is one to behold, too – they’re absolutely mental no matter what kind of stage they play on. Apocalyze is 110% energy the whole way through.

#83: My Ticket Home: “Strangers Only”

My Ticket Home abandons their post-hardcore sound and completely transitions to something straight out of the late 90’s – seemingly resembling a nu-metal band with major hardcore punk tendencies. Surprising that they went in this direction, but it’s not unwelcome – their live performance of the new material is impressive.

#82: The Color Morale: “Know Hope”

A band that should’ve broken out a long time ago, the positive, life-affirming lyrics are some of the best in their genre – and the album art really gives a great visual about what the music represents – hope despite the pitfalls of life.

#81: Children Of Bodom: “Halo Of Blood”

Bodom’s best album in years.

#80: Citizen: “Youth”

Another breakout band that played their emotive brand of alt-rock to adoring fans at Warped 2013. Highly recommended you listen to the track “How Does It Feel”. It’s one of the best songs of any genre I’ve heard this year.

#79: Dayshell: “Dayshell”

Shayley Bourget (formerly Of Mice and Men’s clean vocalist) new band’s debut is solid overall, with mainly singing taking precendence – but there are some heavy tracks like “Imbecile” that are worth listening to.

#78: Chelsea Wolfe: “Pain Is Beauty”

She covered a Burzum song, yet her music is closer to something Swans would put out. She’s embraced by fans of extreme music due to the dark beauty her songs emit, yet she’s also embraced by fans of art pop and ambient music. Oh, and Pain Is Beauty is her best work yet.

#77: foxing: “The Albatross”

Indie post-rock with late 90’s emo influences. If you’re a fan of The Appleseed Cast and Prawn, this is sure to be up your alley.

#76: Heart In Hand: “Almost There”

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The melodic hardcore outfit nearly tops their excellent debut “Only Memories” with this follow-up, which features Bury Tomorrow’s Dani Winter-Bates on the track “Broken Lights”.

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