Ted Kirkpatrick, drummer + songwriter of Christian metal band Tourniquet, has passed away at 62

Ted Kirkpatrick, the drummer and primary songwriter of legendary Christian progressive/thrash band Tourniquet, has passed away at the age of 62. His wife revealed on social media in a memorial post, that it was due to Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis, an untreatable lung disease.

Kirkpatrick was the primary songwriter and foundational drummer of Tourniquet, a vitally important Christian progressive-leaning thrash band that inspired many bands who would arrive after. The band’s first three albums were released in the early ’90s, and 1991’s Psycho Surgery helped launch a wave of Christian metal bands who were innovative and technically-gifted. Tourniquet’s neo-classically influenced sound – propelled by Kirkpatrick’s drumming – arrived at a time where thrash metal was just emerging in the mainstream.

On the social media post, Ted had this to say, shortly before his passing:

“My life has been so full of adventure and wonderment and for the past 30 years all of you have been a great source of joy as you shared your love for our music, my passion for animals, and my desire to share the love of God with all of you. I’m forever grateful for the unending loyalty so many have shown through the years and support of whatever talents the Lord gave me on this earth. I leave behind so many wonderful friends, my wonderful family, the greatest family anyone could ask for, my brothers, Doug & Jim, my sister Sue, and my wife Cristy, my forever soul mate, my best friend and the most beautiful person I’ve ever known. Thank you and I’ll see you sometime on the other side. Love, Ted”

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