Tallah have reached nu-metal’s critical mass with new single, “Shaken (Not Stirred)”

Lying somewhere between nu-metal and metalcore, Tallah emerged onto the scene with their debut album, Matriphagy, just two years ago. A volatile blend of metalcore, nu-metal, and vocalist Justin Bonitz’s versatility, they’re not just an act relying on nostalgia – though it is part of their appeal. No, it’s moreso the band’s solid songwriting and execution that makes Tallah pretty special.

With the band’s upcoming sophomore full-length dropping in November, much is expected out of the band to push things forward – and new single “Shaken (Not Stirred)” accomplishes exactly that. A song that has hooks galore, it’s a great introduction to the kind of music Tallah is making right now – and it’ll easily attract new fans as well. The chorus is huge, and Tallah’s energy here is fresh. Stream the new track below and thank us later.

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