May 19, 2024

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Rise In Vein continue their hot streak with new single, “Ain’t The Same”

Adeptly sitting somewhere between hard rock and alternative metal, Montreal’s Rise In Vein haven’t been around all that long – but they’ve already made a splash in the scene. With a string of singles released over the last year+, they carry a familiar yet catchy sound that has a wide-ranging appeal.

The band’s newest single, “Ain’t The Same”, continues to double down on the dichotomy between heavy and melodic. And it does so quite effectively, if we do say so ourselves. In fact, it would fit awfully well on XMOctane, or really any kind of hard rock radio station at all. Considering this band’s balance in terms of songwriting and overall sound, it won’t be a surprise to see them gain a big audience soon.

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