SICK CENTURY Release Alien Horror Music Video for Cover of White Zombie’s “More Human Than Human”

Pennsylvania based rock band SICK CENTURY has released the official music video for their 6th release, a gritty cover of the iconic 1995 WHITE ZOMBIE hit single, “More Human than Human.” Produced by Paint The Light Productions, “More Human than Human” is the band’s sixth release. “We didn’t really plan this one. It was more like a fun idea in…

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SEPTEMBER’S MONSTERS Public Minting on December 6th at 7PM EST! New Single, “Dirty,” with Purchase ONLY!

Emily Lazar of SEPTEMBER MOURNING’s dynamic new NFT collection–a collaboration with NFT Media Box (NMB)–is revealing another selection of stunningly detailed and dynamic visual characterizations for her upcoming SEPTEMBER’S MONSTERS world within the already beloved Monsters Rehab established universe, all of which will become available on December 6, 2021. From sci-fi to horror to fantasy and super-hero incarnations, the incredible selection of striking depictions…

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Silver Scream 2: track-by-track breakdown of Ice Nine Kills’ ‘Welcome To Horrorwood’ slasher

Author: Alex Sievers The Venn diagram of people who like horror movies and heavy music is practically a single fucking circle. It’s this environment that Ice Nine Kills sound very comfortable in, one that’s made them more popular than ever. Though maybe their sixth record could be seen as facing a multi-faceted uphill battle? Not…

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