On debut album “The Truth In Your Eyes”, Savage Hands emerge as post-hardcore’s new breakout band (Review)

Maryland post-hardcore/metalcore outfit Savage Hands are back with their full-length LP, The Truth In Your Eyes that will be their first full-length release with SharpTone Records. We were delighted to be able to check out the record, and it doesn’t disappoint. Lead vocalist Mike Garrow has stated that this new album was a way to exploit any negativity and somehow convert into positivity. You can read the interview we did with the band here.

We’d like to firstly point out that we have been listening to this band since they released their first EP Barely Alive and have been a fan ever since. This 11-track album absolutely slaps, as the kids like to say. When it’s heavy, it packs a punch, when it gets emotional, you feel it.

‘Memory’, ‘Blue’, and ‘Washed Away’ are the big hitters in this full length, showcasing their unique style of songwriting, delivering a hefty punch whilst delivering the hooks one after the other.

Blue’ delivers a style that is essential to Savage Hands, but Garrow delivers some venomous rap-style vocals which is why this is one of the tracks that stands out for us.

Washed Away’ is more of an emotional track, with powerhouse lyrics which hits home, Garrow bellows “you walked away / there’s nothing I can do to make you stay / it rains all day but it’s okay / I’ll find my way”. Belter of a track, and it showcases how diverse this band are, they bring the heavy in both senses of the word.

In conclusion, The Truth In Your Eyes is an absolute banger from start to finish, in different ways, the production is top notch on this, and if you guys are going to do anything this week, it should be pre-ordering this album.

Savage Hands – The Truth In Your Eyes [9/10]

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