February 29, 2024

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Heart Attack Man show why they’re one of pop punk’s most diverse bands with new EP “Thoughtz And Prayerz” (Review)

Heart Attack Man have finally released what will be one of the best pop punk releases this year with their latest “Thoughtz And Prayerz” EP. With it though, they’ve solidified themselves as one of the genre’s most diverse bands seemingly about to blend genres together in ways that’ll make fans of several genres happy.



Kicking off the EP is “Puke” with its ode to nu-metal acts like Korn clearly visible from the start. From there though it busts into almost a straight hardcore song, something fans will likely throw down to and sing the chorus to for years to come. “Cool 2 Me” however takes a slower approach musically instead putting a straightforward lyrical message about victims of abuse not being believed by those around them. You’d think based off these two tracks having vastly different sounds it wouldn’t work, but the band just has such a way of putting it together that the two sides mesh beautifully.

Title track “Thoughtz And Prayerz” mixes the heaviness of “Puke” with the strong lyrical messages like “Cool 2 Me”. It’s with the single from the EP, “Pitch Black”, that we break into a straight pop-punk song through and through. Without a doubt one of the best pop-punk songs of 2021, the song delivers one of the catchiest choruses the genre has seen in awhile. Closing it out is “Leap Year”, another pop punk song that should be played loudly and years to come.


Its clear as day with this release that Heart Attack Man know how to mix genres but keep it so catchy that you’ll listen to the song on repeat till you fall asleep. While they may be on the opening end of larger tours now this won’t stay that way if they continue releasing music like this. This is a must listen to for fans of pop-punk, hardcore, or just anyone that wants to scream their lungs out to something catchy.


Score : 


8.5 / 10



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