February 29, 2024

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Star Wars-themed instrumental act Galactic Empire drop new single “The Mandalorian” + announce new album

In a galaxy far far away there is a Star Wars themed instrumental metal act named Galactic Empire, and that galaxy appears to be here. The famous band has announced a new album, their 3rd full length Special Edition. The band has also dropped a new single and themed video for their first single “The Mandalorian”.



“Greetings, citizens of Earth. We are Galactic Empire and we have once again returned to unleash the ultimate sonic weapon: our third album, Special Edition,” shares Lord Sikh. “Today, we unveil the new single and music video for ’The Mandalorian’ directed by the mysterious Sith Lord, Eric DiCarlo. Show your true loyalty to the Empire by pre-ordering our new album so that we may rebuild the Death Star and continue our galactic conquest to bring music live to your planet and hometown.”

Special Edition Tracklist:
  1. 20th Century Fox Fanfare
  2. Star Wars And Revenge Of The Sith
  3. The Imperial Suite
  4. Dark Side Assault
  5. The Mandalorian
  6. Obi Wan Kenobi
  7. The Bad Batch
  8. The Book Of Boba Fett
  9. Attack Position
  10. The Battle Of Hoth
  11. Victory Celebration
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