April 22, 2024

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Best SEO Blog Post Ideas (Big List for You)

Blogs are perfect for reaching more people, sending messages, and promoting your brand. Creating regular blog posts also helps keep your readers engaged.
But as you create daily or weekly posts, you eventually need more topics. So let us help you with an extensive list of the best search engine optimization (SEO)-friendly blog post ideas.

Create Helpful Blog Content

Use your blog to help your audience make better buying choices, select the right services, and understand your industry better. These topics are best for helpful blog content.

1. Write Blog Tutorials

Digital Authority Partners says that sharing your knowledge is one of the best ways to get people interested in what you have to say. Whether you’re selling products or offering professional services, writing tutorials helps you build trust with your audience and show your authority.
Create a tutorial related to your industry. For instance, create auto care tutorials if you run an e-commerce site for car parts. Make it detailed with step-by-step instructions, pictures, and videos. With so many car care tips and techniques, you have tons of blog ideas week after week.

2. Form Helpful Lists

Create helpful lists based on what your readers are searching for. Valuable content promotes small businesses and thus should be part of your regular online marketing strategy. For our car parts ecommerce example above, you can make a checklist of yearly maintenance requirements or a list of exterior care products.

3. Highlight Topics with FAQs

Another way to explain specific information is to post a frequently asked question (FAQ) list with straightforward answers. For example, collect FAQs about your change-oil service promotion or towing service and create a brief answer for each. Sprinkle keywords into your FAQ list for an SEO-friendly post.

4. Boost Engagement with Industry Glossary

Help your readers understand your industry better by creating a glossary. These are terms that experts frequently use. For the automotive industry, you may include definitions of terms like ABS, drivetrain, timing belt, and strut bearing in your glossary.

5. Engage New Users with Beginner Guides

New car owners love to use a general beginner’s guide to car care. You can create all kinds of beginner car guides, and make sure to pack these with tons of helpful information. Be sure to use your main keywords in your blog posts. Remember, you can boost your company site’s ranking with your SEO-friendly blog.

6. Spotlight Myths and Facts

Clear misconceptions with your blog by publishing myths and facts that will help your readers make better choices. You can compile a list of car engine maintenance myths or fuel savings myths and bust them by listing facts accordingly.

7. Generate More Views with Product Reviews and Comparisons

Help your audience make intelligent buying decisions by reviewing products for them. Give your personal opinion on the best and the worst products, or create a comparison post covering three or more products at the same time. In the end, tell your readers the “Author’s Choice” (your choice) and explain why this is your recommendation.

8. Focus on Mobile Apps and Software

If your business or organization has services or products accessible via a mobile app or software, feature these on your blog. Maintenance apps like Simply Auto, AUTOsist, and CARFAX Car Care are some examples of car care or car parts centers. Highlight app features, pros, and cons to help your customers select the right app for their needs.

Show Your Authority with Relevant Blog Content

Make your blog a hub for updated information about your industry or market with these topics.

1. Create Industry News Posts

Show your authority in your niche or industry by publishing the latest news. Summarize news from a reliable source and make this part of your weekly blog post. There is no worry about running out of topics to write about.

Publish announcements about or any story related to worldwide events side by side with your local industry news posts. You may also cover a local event, like an auto show or a dealership sale.

2. Interview Well-Known and Respected People

Let your readers know you work with the best in your industry by featuring well-known people in your blogs. You can interview them and feature their story in your blog; add a video of their interview for better engagement.

For more relevant content, announce this interview a few days early and ask your target audience what questions they would like to ask.

3. Create Posts About Controversial Issues

There is controversy in every industry, and writing about them helps you get more engagement. In the automotive industry, you can write about product recalls and product fails. Sharing your opinion would make your content more interesting. Featuring these topics in your blog shows your concern about customer safety and promoting product and service quality in your industry.

4. Post Monthly or Quarterly Roundups

Keep your readers updated about what’s happening in your company. Publish monthly or quarterly roundups of your sales, promotions, new products, news, guides, etc., This guarantees your monthly and quarterly unique content.

Engage Using Blogs With Visual Content

People are more likely to engage with blogs with interesting images and videos. The following blog topics use visual content.

1. Add Infographic or Slide Presentations to Your Posts

Not every person enjoys reading long texts; some are visual learners. Infographics would help your readers better understand complex information, like car wash tips, car service infographics, and car maintenance infographics. Besides, people tend to read infographics from start to finish, unlike news articles.

Meanwhile, slides are short, easy to read and understand, and thus great for conveying complex information. Use images with your slideshow presentation to improve interest and effectiveness.

3. Promote Your Business with Gallery Posts

WordPress reported around 70 million new posts each month, and these are not just regular blog posts. One of the most popular types of blog content is a gallery post where you feature photos about your business or organization. You can post pictures of your products or services, storefront, or shop amenities like parking and customer waiting areas.

Try These Additional Blog Post Ideas

Blogs allow you to connect with your audience in many ways. Here are more blog post ideas to help you reach your audience.

1. Reveal Your Future Plans

With a featured future plans post, tell your readers about your plans to grow your business or group. This post shows that you are determined to better your business and want them to be part of your future growth.

2. Promote Your Message Using Inspirational Stories

Feature a customer who thanked you for his purchase. Write about how you helped a customer find the best deals or prevented a fatal error. People love businesses that go the extra mile to help their customers.

3. Surveys and Questionnaires

With surveys and questionnaires, you can get your audience interested and also learn important things about them. In your blog, talk about a viral topic in your industry and ask questions about it, like a poll about how safe self-driving cars are. Ask if your audience would consider buying or driving driverless vehicles or if they feel safe riding them.

Summing Up

Mix blog ideas to cater to the varying tastes of your audience. With all these SEO blog post ideas, you will always have suitable topics for months to come!

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