Spiritbox’s new single “Jaded” is going viral – it’s now in Spotify’s USA Viral 50 list

While Ronnie Radke’s dislike of Spiritbox is only really second to his dislike of the band’s entire fanbase, Spiritbox’s momentum continues to move upward on a daily basis. The band’s upcoming EP, The Fear Of Fear, is a highly-anticipated one – and their newest single, “Jaded”, is tearing it up right now. With huge numbers, as you may have surmised. The YouTube music video has already racked up 1.6 million+ views, while the single on Spotify is closing in on 2.6 million streams.

In fact, alongside Superheaven’s “Youngest Daughter” and Basement’s “Covet”, the single has been holding steady in Spotify’s USA Viral 50 list, which tracks the 50 songs that have gone viral the most on the streaming service. Just like the two aforementioned songs, “Jaded” is also enjoying a great deal of attention on TikTok – which, just like the aforementioned songs as well – is garnering them some serious attention. Particularly, it speaks to the wide-ranging appeal that bands like Spiritbox have that they’re able to connect to a larger audience.

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