May 25, 2024

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Superheaven’s 2013 classic “Youngest Daughter” is going ham on TikTok, and it’s seriously boosted their profile

TikTok has an interesting way of elevating songs and bands that might have been underappreciated in their initial run. Any genre and any song you can imagine could feasibly be a candidate, from ancient nu-metal tracks to obscure indie rock songs. Even popular bands like Deftones and Linkin Park have seen a major uptick in attention for certain songs that happen to go viral on the platform, and Superheaven is not an exception.

Originally known as Daylight, Superheaven released an album called Jar on Run For Cover Records in 2013 (eventually changing their name from Daylight to Superheaven shortly after its release). It immediately boosted their profile, as the album’s grunge/alt-rock sound was released at arguably the perfect time since bands like Balance And Composure and Title Fight were already pretty popular as well. Without a serious weak track to be found, the album gained popularity even after the band went on a hiatus following tours for their sophomore full-length, Ours Is Chrome. Now having reunited several times for one-off shows over the last few years, as well as played the festival Sick New World, there’s no doubt that their body of work is gaining traction. What’s even more interesting is that their song “Youngest Daughter” is gaining some serious attention on TikTok, even making it onto Spotify’s USA Viral 50 list.

The song is gaining attention through a number of hilarious TikTok videos, some of which we’ve compiled below. “Youngest Daughter” is now by far the band’s most-streamed song on Spotify at almost 10 million streams, outdoing their closest song by almost a ratio of 2:1. What’s more is that Jar is a fantastic album on its own merits, so the knowledge that so many new fans are getting into a song from the record might be the impetus for Superheaven to make more music – even though the members are busy with various side projects like Webbed Wing, etc.

Update: As of February 8th, 2024, the song has now reached a staggering 61 million streams on Spotify, and even charted on a handful of Billboard rock charts in 2023 as well.



♬ Youngest Daughter – Superheaven


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♬ Youngest Daughter – Superheaven


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♬ Youngest Daughter – Superheaven


♬ Youngest Daughter – Superheaven

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