April 15, 2024

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Falling In Reverse’s Ronnie Radke says Spiritbox fans are “awful”, Our Last Night replaces them on tour

Falling In Reverse’s Ronnie Radke is many things. He’s an authority on medical science, one of the most-hated musicians in the scene, and a chart-topping frontman. He also routinely complains about “cancel culture” (this is important because now FIR is playing arenas), and despite the multiple Wikipedia entries (they’re longer than your tax return) of Radke’s controversies (including Radke inadvertently assaulting fans in the audience with #MicStandGate), these actions don’t seem to have any real effect on him.

Basically, he’s a lightning rod for instant controversy, no matter what he says or does. And musicians are speaking out about not wanting to work with him, attacking the fact that he’s made controversial statements about the trans community, went at it with Andy Cizek (and has in the past with the likes of Vince Staples, etc.), and is generally just always a lightning rod.

Anyway, just a few days after being ratioed to oblivion when they announced a handful of dates supporting Falling In Reverse, Spiritbox elected to drop the tour dates entirely. While financials aren’t released, it’s likely Spiritbox missed out on a big payday. They also didn’t disclose the reason why they dropped, but you can probably figure out a few reasons why. Much of it appeared to involve Spiritbox’s mantra of inclusivity and positivity, and it being at odds with touring with a band like Falling In Reverse (depending on who you ask).

On March 20th, though, Ronnie Radke came under fire for responding to Our Last Night replacing Spiritbox. The announcement drew its own share of interesting responses, but what was particularly telling was Radke’s response to it all. Responding to a tweet from a fan asking if Radke was going to talk trash about Spiritbox dropping the tour, Radke went after Spiritbox’s fans instead, labeling *some* of them as “awful”. Probably not the best way to engender support from another fanbase, really.

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