Dying Wish played a sold out gig in Worcester, Massachusetts

Dying Wish brought their “Come And Be Killed” tour to Worcester, Massachusetts with support from Boundaries, Foreign Hands, and Roman Candle. The band was promoting their newest album “Symptoms of Survival” which was just recently released on November 3rd. 

Roman Candle from Las Vegas started the show with strong energy, as the sold out gig was already wall to wall with fans waiting to mosh.

Next up was Foreign Hands from Delaware who kept the crowd’s energy up as they played through their catalog of heavy songs.


As the New England based heavy hitters in Boundaries took the stage you could tell right away it was a home town show. The crowd erupted during their set as the mosh pit grew larger and larger. The band played an array of songs from their discography, but no matter the song, fans in the crowd were screaming along to every word.

At last it was time for Dying Wish who traveled all the way from Portland, Oregon to play this sold out gig. They played through fan favorites like “Cowards Feed, Cowards Bleed” along with several songs from their new full length album. The crowd was going crazy as fans dove off the stage into the mosh pit. Everyone got a chance to scream the lyrics as Emma Boster their vocalist extended the microphone to those wishing to finish the words. You could feel the energy radiating from every fan in the building, and although it was a cold New England fall night, the venue was plenty warm from fans jumping around.


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