April 20, 2024

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Slipknot brings the thrills of their massive show to your living room with Knotfest Roadshow Livestream (Review)

Slipknot jumped on the hot trend of offering fans a professionally done live stream but instead of just one set, fans were offered a chance to view almost their entire festival, or at least pieces of it.


Cherry Bombs, Vended, Code Orange, Fever 333, & Killswitch Engage were all offered in some form as part of the live stream set (Bring Me The Horizon was not however). Though due to the start times and all openers being unavailable as part of the replay I was unable to view the openers.


With this Knotfest show taking place just days after Slipknot ended their large US tour the band should of had some wear and tear going on. From the second the band kicked into opener “Unsainted” however you’d have thought they were having their first show back. Frontman Corey Taylor sounded great and rested given that he’d just had a full tour done. Taylor makes sure to make the show feel intimate even in a stadium type setting making sure to address the crowd and keep them riled up.


While they played a massive career spanning set including all the hits, the band did make this show special by making the live debut of their latest single “The Chapeltown Rag”. This single was only released earlier that same day and the band knocked it out of the park live making sure that’ll it be a staple of the set for tours to come.

For the live stream the set looked and sounded fantastic for the most part. Minor sound issues in the mix would occur for some songs with band members instruments either being too low or too high in the mix, but given the band having a large amount of members it can be slightly forgiven. This was however a must see for fans of the band and with the love put into this stream continues to show why Slipknot have one of metals largest and constantly growing fan bases.


Setlist : 



Nero Forte

Before I Forget

The Heretic Anthem


The Devil in I
The Chapeltown Rag

Wait and Bleed


All Out Life


Spit It Out


People = Shit




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