Sleep Token have signed to the same major label as A$AP Rocky + Tool, some fans are upsetti spaghetti

Any artist who can sell out sizable venues in a short amount of time is someone that’s going to be on the radar of music industry execs. Just 13 months after “The Summoning” was released to critical and viral acclaim, Sleep Token have now been snapped up by major label RCA Records. Previously, the band was signed to venerated progressive metal(ish) label Basick Records, then eventually Spinefarm Records for their last three full-length releases. Clearly, things took to the skies (lol Enter Shikari reference) on album #3 for the band, as they simply exploded in ways that only a few rock or metal bands do each year.

Now they’re on RCA Records – also the home of Britney Spears, Tool, A$AP Rocky, and plenty more. Clearly, this is getting metalheads (and some Sleep Token fans in general) extremely riled up. This is despite the fact that inevitably, RCA will provide Sleep Token with the kind of resources they need to elevate their game even further. Likely, that will include production, touring, and other financial incentives – and it’s not surprising to figure out why. I mean, look at the kinds of venues they’re selling out in short order. This simply doesn’t happen often. Worship.

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