April 24, 2024

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Linkin Park appear ready to unveil more unreleased music from the vault with “Friendly Fire”

Just last year, Linkin Park released a treasure trove of Meteora-era recordings that hit home with anyone that was ever even remotely connected to the band. Quite a few of the songs released would have been worthy additions to the final product of Meteora, a tall order considering the album is one of the best-selling nu-metal albums in history.

Far from being radio silent, though, it appears Linkin Park is not done releasing music that hasn’t seen the light of day. This time, it appears Linkin Park will release at least one song from the sessions for their 2017 album One More Light, with the possibility of more to come as well.

As our friends at The Nu Metal Agenda have noted, the band’s Twitter account and social media accounts have been pretty active this year, hinting at a possible “greatest hits” album. It could also be something else entirely – some sort of remix album, hidden easter eggs for massive (lol) Linkin Park fans, or a hidden number or word game.

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