October 20, 2021

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Scotland-based metalcore band Oceans On Fire release their new music video for “A Cold, Cold Heart”

Scotland-based metalcore group Oceans On Fire first surfaced in 2011 before going into a long hiatus. Oceans On Fire rose from the ashes in 2020 with their single “Abandoned”, which then established the bands roots in the Scotland and United Kingdom scene. Oceans On Fire project a aggressive take on the metalcore genre with visceral verses and energetic choruses. Oceans On Fire adds much welcomed layers to their music with intense breakdowns and ear-hooking solos. The Scotland based heavy hitters have just unveiled their newest song titled “A Cold, Cold Heart”; it comes jammed back with a music video produced by Marc Sharp Visuals. Oceans On Fire take remnants from the last generation of metalcore with elements from the modern metalcore present today, and do a great job at merging the two eras in this juggernaut genre. Throughout the years the group has performed across the UK and have garnered fans from all over their locale. This newcomer to the field is sure to be on we at New Fury Media will keep our eyes on!

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