December 7, 2021

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Burn Like Stars release their energetic new song “Hate”

Musician, songwriter and vocalist Lloyd Ratalsky brings to the table a wide variety of talents under his solo artist name, Burn Like Stars. Created in 2020, shortly after leaving metalcore band Frequent Misconceptions, Ratalsky was determined to continue his musical career. His first single, “Hey You”  is a feel-good tune about making someone’s day just by simply saying “hello” to turn their mood around. Upon release, “Hey You” received amazing responses and so began the realization that he was not done bringing phenomenal music to audiences of all ages, backgrounds and locations. Burn Like Stars continues to evolve and grow with each passing release. Their newest release “Hate” takes the ante up a notch, in a compelling way. The song kicks off with a soft somber of acoustics and progressively expands until the song fully kicks off with an energetic flow. Ryan Wade from For Those Who Doubt makes a very welcomed appearance in ‘Hate’ to help add a powerful emphasis. Burn Like Stars collaborated with Paxton Connors of FOGO Photography & Videography for the music video. Set photography was done by Hannah Sears Photography. Looking ahead to the future for Burn Like Stars has taken Lloyd Ratalsky on a journey that is far from over. Burn Like Stars plans to release two new songs September 2021, his musical career is set to bloom before the eyes of the world.

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