October 20, 2021

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Slovakia deathcore group Abyss Above release their heavy hitting new EP “INEVITABLE END” – listen!

Slovakia based deathcore outfit Abyss Above first surfaced in the midst of 2019 with their debut album ‘Doombound’. The album introduced us to one of the heaviest bands we’ve heard come from Slovakia in a long time. Abyss Above takes the genre to overdrive with their intense verses, earth shaking breakdowns, and percussion that forces you to get into the groove of the song. Abyss Above has just unveiled their brand new three track EP titled ‘INEVITABLE END’, and let me know tell you, these tracks pack a punch through soundwaves. The moment you hit play you’re presented with a dark atmospheric intro that kicks off the EP without wasting anytime. The EP kicks off with the track ‘Dead Silence’ and this sets the tone for what Abyss Above is about in 2021, and we’re all for it. The following track is titled ‘World Casket’, and this is my favorite off the EP in terms how the song progress and evolves. Abyss Above ends their new EP strong with ‘In Wake Of Dying Sun’. My only true complaint is I was really starting to get into the EP by the middle of the second track, so I was craving more by the end. Abyss Above comes out strong this year, and we’re excited for their future.

New Fury Media