Riot Fest day 1 sees the likes of Turnstile, Code Orange, Say Anything, and Calva Louise tear it up

Riot Fest is back and in full swing. Day one was set to go off with a bang as collective EU hard rock act Calva Louise took over the small stage. Mixing many genres into alternative, rock, metal, pop, and even Latin, the group, fronted by Jess Allanic, made a new wave of fans with their return to Chicago.

Changing it up, it was time to bring the funk with Parliament Funkadelic featuring George Clinton. The legend, while up there in age, still brought the funk to the stage and commanded over a rather large crowd. While sometimes a background feature in his own band which filled the stage with members, it was nothing but good times and dancing throughout the crowd.

It really does speak for Riot Fest’s diversity in genres as Code Orange took the main stage next. The next 45 minutes was a brutal assault of the senses with their blend of hardcore, metal, and industrial. Completely commanding the stage with nonstop movement the crowd was whipped into a frenzy of crowd surfers and circle pits for the first real time of the day.

Across the field though were metalcore/post-hardcore veterans Silverstein. Playing a set encompassing the bands long history they were the first band of their kind to kick off the festival weekend. Back on the main stage though were the first ska punk band of the week with The Interrupters hitting the main stage. With all smiles possible, the band, fronted by Aimee Interrupter, blasted through a set that even included their Billie Eilish cover.

For the first time since 2017, alternative punk band Say Anything returned to Chicago. Playing a mix of songs including 4 from “…Is A Real Boy” the band was happy to be back giving the large crowd tons of energy as they sang along to every word.

Back on the main stage though with a massive crowd were hardcore/genre-less superstars Turnstile. Watching the band’s progression and rise to fame is super clear as from the first note the crowd was all in. Giant pits, nonstop crowd surfers, and sing alongs while the band blasted through a set heavy from their latest record “Glow On”.


Photo Gallery : Yard Act – Riot Fest (09.15.2023)


Photo Gallery : Olivia Jean – Riot Fest (09.15.2023)


Photo Gallery : Calva Louise – Riot Fest (09.15.2023)


Photo Gallery : Code Orange – Riot Fest (09.15.2023)


Photo Gallery : Say Anything – Riot Fest (09.15.2023)


Photo Gallery : Silverstein – Riot Fest (09.15.2023)


Photo Gallery : The Aquadolls – Riot Fest (09.15.2023)


Photo Gallery : The Breeders – Riot Fest (09.15.2023)


Photo Gallery : The Interrupters – Riot Fest (09.15.2023)


Photo Gallery : Turnstile – Riot Fest (09.15.2023)


Photo Gallery : Parliament Funkadelic Featuring George Clinton – Riot Fest (09.15.2023)

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