The Lumineers end their US tour with a rescheduled date in Salt Lake City to eager fans

By Molly McCoy


The Lumineers brought their 2023 tour to the USANA Amphitheater in Salt Lake City on Sunday September 17th. Fans were elated as they waited in line, the show which was originally scheduled on September 3rd got delayed due to weather and was rescheduled for two weeks later on the 17th.

James Bay started the night and quickly showed his talent. He was super gracious the whole night, thanking audience members for coming early to watch his set and thanking the Lumineers for inviting him out on this tour. I was amazed by his vocal performance throughout the show, they are a lot stronger and deeper than what I hear in his recordings. Something he did that I thought was unique is before playing an unreleased song he put up a QR code on the big screens for fans to scan to then have access to the new song before it is released to the public. James Bay needs to return to Utah quickly for his own headlining show as he won over a lot of hearts and has a great ability to connect with the crowd.

Finally the time came for the Lumineers to take the stage, the lights went down and fans roared. They all slowly came out on stage, they had a cat walk portion of the stage that brought them closer to the audience. They played their first three songs on this stage which I thought brought an intimate touch to their show. They started their set with the song “Cleopatra” to create a strong and fun start to the show. Before starting their third song “Ho Hey” lead singer Wesley Schultz joked with the crowd that people will always tell them they use this song for their weddings and proposals when in reality it is a break up song.

The night progressed and each song brought something new, during the song Brightside, lead singer Wesley went out in the crowd, he went all the way up into the general admission section to be around fans. There was a camera man following him so the rest of the audience could watch as well. I was in awe all night at Wesleys vocal capabilities, his voice was so smooth and full of depth. I had heard good things going into the concert but I was blown away with his live vocal performance. Something to be said for the Lumineers is while their music is considered to be indie folk rock, they know how to put on a fun show. Every member of the band was so energetic and fun to watch, their pianist was my favorite as he would be dancing as he played and at one point even did a handstand on the top of the piano. Each band member did a great job of working and performing together to have an energetic and unified performance.

As the night continued fans only continued to grow more and more excited with each passing song. They played a wide variety of songs from each of their albums and had a great mix of slower songs and more upbeat songs. Their final song of the night was “Big Parade” and they did this fun thing where they would all pose after singing the song “pageantry” and the stage would be backlit to make them look super shadowy. As soon as they left the stage fans were chanting for an encore. They had a four song encore which started with Wesley sitting on the piano singing “Donna” before walking around the stage while the entire crowd put their flashlights in the air. They ended with their song “Stubborn Love” it felt as though everyone was hanging on to every last word not wanting the song and therefore the show to end.

Since the show got delayed, that was the last show on their US leg of tour. They will have a short run in South America starting November 1st. Regardless of the tour the Lumineers are not to be missed. They put the work in to put on a great show for their fans and they succeed without question, their fans in Utah are already excited for the next time they tour here.

Photo Gallery : The Lumineers – USANA Amphitheater (09.17.2023)

Photo Gallery : James Bay – USANA Amphitheater (09.17.2023)

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