Review: Stone Cloud Sunday – “Secrets Of Our Alchemy EP”



Stone Cloud Sunday

“Secrets Of Our Alchemy EP”

Southern Rock/Blues Metal

Self Released

Release Date: 2013

Rating: 8/10

Rock is DEFINITELY not dead!!!! This EP by the ND rock band Stone Cloud Sunday clearly shows that rock is alive and well AND southern rock does not have to just come out of the South. I have been a big supporter of the members of this band when they were all in different local bands years ago and are still supporting them to this day. They are some of the best musicians to come out of the upper Midwest and I am happy to be giving their debut EP a review.

After giving this 6-track EP a first listen, I could hear a Clutch influence in the guitars and every once and awhile, in the vocals as well which is a huge plus on their part because Clutch is one of my favorite bands and they do their sound justice. You can tell that these 5 guys love the music they are creating and respect one another just by the tracks they produced for this EP. Their timing is spot on and Austin’s vocals go so perfectly with the guitar riffs. If I had to pick the track I loved most on this, it’s no question that Seven Ton Sleep would be it. The guitars at the very beginning bring on that Clutch sound I mentioned earlier and it’s just a great song from start to finish; even Clutch would be proud of this song.

I’m not sure if this band has any more physical copies left, but definitely ask them and maybe you can get a digital copy from them. This is a definite must for anyone’s music collection. Don’t miss out on some great music. ~TR

Rocks Like: Clutch, The Joe Davis Band, Lionize

Track Listing:

1)      Our Alchemy
2)      Cash Your Vote
3)      Seven Ton Sleep
4)      Depressed Blood
5)      That Woman
6)      Rolling Hills

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