December 7, 2021

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Review: Sapiency – “Tomorrow”






Melodic Death Metal

SAOL Records

Release Date: 3/15/13


Sapiency is a melodic death metal band hailing from Frankfurt, Germany. They released “Tomorrow” 3 months ago and man is this a hard hitting album!! They feature 2 vocalists and I love it! Both Lars and Krsto use 2 different vocal styles and I think it works wonders for them. The instruments are flawless on this release. Kai’s drumming at times, sounds like a machine gun and the guitar work between Rene and Holger is impeccable. You can’t forget about Sebastian’s bass playing though, he really glues all of the instruments together and the whole album just sounds like one solid, angry beast trying to beat your brain out of your head.

This is one of those albums that I think once people have listened to the whole album, they will hit the repeat button until the album is done and then repeat the process all over again. I can definitely see myself jamming out to this release for quite sometime!! If people just want to get a sample of this album before they make up their minds, I highly suggest checking out the tracks Hungry Again, Weight Of The World and Dying Illusions. If you like these 3 tracks, guaranteed, you will love the rest of this album. Hopefully, I remember my German and this translates properly, Einer meiner lieblings bands kommen aus Deutschland!

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