December 7, 2021

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Review: No Omega – “Shame”


RATING: 8.5/10


One does not have to look far into Sweden’s rich tradition of metal to find countless bands that have released classic after classic spanning death metal to black metal to power metal, but it is not often one hears of a Swedish post hardcore band. No Omega breaks that stereotype with their newest release, Shame, and does it in grand fashion; their album is well written, and it manages to break away from other post hardcore stereotypes that often drag down other albums.


Shame clocks in just a tad over 30 minutes, packing 12 great songs into that time. The tracks are an interesting blend of light and heavy, slow and fast, without ever jolting the listener from the flow of the album. The highlight of the album actually comes on the last track, which also happens to be the title track, which is a fast paced romp that feels made for the pit. From a songwriting perspective, No Omega has a leg up on a lot of other post-hardcore bands; the tracks all feel different. I didn’t find myself skipping songs or getting bored, and there are few bands to compare No Omega to, except perhaps There Is A Hell-era Bring Me the Horizon.


The production on Shame is outstanding. The most enjoyable thing about the album is the vocals; consisting solely of harsh vocals, they feel raw, yet perfectly controlled. The guitars have enough fuzz to create a dissonant, almost atmospheric feel that complements the vocals perfectly. The bass is heavy, and the drums blend in perfectly, helping to keep the album’s feeling alive.


No Omega has crafted an outstanding album with Shame. There is not a hint of synthesizers or autotuned vocals, and it is beautifully raw. Few bands in post-hardcore have produced material as strong as Shame; No Omega has set a high standard that puts the group in the upper echelon of modern day metal. Shame is one album that is not worth missing out on.


Vince B –


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