Slayer’s Kerry King debuts solo band for sold-out + intimate Chicago show

Following the closure of Slayer in 2019 (until this year’s reunion shows) fans had wondered where all members would go. It was clear Kerry King had no intentions of slowing down and after some time it was announced he’d be forming a solo band under his own name. With Death Angel singer Mark Osegueda, Slayer drummer Paul Bostaph, ex HellYeah bassist Kyle Sanders, and ex-Machine Head and Vio-lence guitarist Phil Demmel rounding out his band, after a long wait the group shocked Chicago with the announcement they’d be debuting the group in an intimate 400 person club.

With extra light rigs, a barricade in place (a first for the venue), extra amps, and a crowd which had lined up for blocks, the stage turned red and the band entered to cheers. At the legendary Reggies Rock Club, fans were experiencing a once in a life time deal.

Blasting through a 16 song set list, which featured heavy on King’s upcoming solo album debut, fans were treated to not just the live debut of every song but the debut in general as previously King had only released two singles. Sprinkled in for good measure were some Slayer tracks including Raining Blood, Repentless, Disciple, and more.

The crowd pitted like there was no tomorrow and head banged until their necks were ready to snap just as hard for the Slayer tracks as they did for these never before heard tracks which really stands as a testament to how great they are. Tracks like “Residue” featuring a crushing breakdown in the end of it really showed fans that King has many tricks left up his sleeveless shirt.

It should be no shock either that a supergroup of this magnitude sounds so good. Oseguda commanded the stage sounding great even on the Slayer tracks and having a good stage presence that was hard for a band like Slayer to have since everyone had instruments. Demmel and Sanders were all smiles as they were both clearly enjoying their time on stage. Even Kerry himself cracked a small smile a few times during his set before fully embracing one at the end as the band did shots of Jager and thanked the crowd for being part of this night and beginning of their journey.

It should go without saying that as Kerry King does a full tour this is a must see. The album as well, which drops the 17th, is going to be an instant classic for fans old and new. For the fans in attendance in Chicago however, this is an evening that won’t ever be forgotten.


Photo Gallery : Kerry King – Reggies Rock Club (05.07.2024)

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