Record Release Friday: Stream new albums from Afterlife, Born Of Osiris, Soilwork, and more!

2019 is coming in with a bang, as new records from Shrezzers and Rosetta are coming fast and furious. You can add a few new albums to this list today, as new records from Born Of Osiris and The Last Ten Seconds Of Life, debuts from The Jon Hill Project and Afterlife, and a very good new record from melodic metal legends Soilwork are all on the list.

Born Of Osiris (The Simulation)

Born Of Osiris’ 5th full-length to date, the band’s first ince 2015, feels more like an EP at just 8 tracks. That’s not a bad thing, though, as songs like “The Accursed” are stronger than almost anything the band has done since their groundbreaking album The Discovery was released.

Afterlife (Breaking Point)

Buoyed by popular XM Octane single “Throat”, Afterlife’s debut album is a solid nu-metal record with some impressively catchy choruses. A little less rap-oriented than their newer peers, Breaking Point could well see the young band hit some major tours, and soon.

Soilwork (Verkligheten)

Soilwork are melodic death metal legends at this point, but you knew that. Their mid-career renaissance continues, even 20 years after their debut album.

The Jon Hill Project (Rebirth)

An album about his divorce from famed makeup artist Jaclyn Hill, Rebirth is the debut album from drummer Jon Hill – and he’s joined by a cast of interesting musicians, including the likes of Tides Of Man, Tilian Pearson, and Copeland’s Aaron Marsh. A must-listen.

The Last Ten Seconds Of Life (Machina Non Grata)

Machina Non Grata is the first full-length from The Last Ten Seconds Of Life since 2016, and if you like absolute heavy moshpit ragers, you’ll love tracks like “Sweet Chin Music”, which echo classic Bury Your Dead – just a bit heavier.

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