The Fever 333 issue strong debut on new record, “STRENGTH IN NUMB333RS”


THE FEVER 333, a supergroup consisting of members of Night Verses, The Chariot, and Letlive, revealed themselves back in 2017 at a pop-up show from the back of a truck at Randy’s Donuts in Inglewood, California on Independence Day. From there the band have gone from strength to strength, surprise releasing their EP in March, 2018,  supporting one of the UK’s biggest bands right now, Bring Me The Horizon, and appearing at many festivals and shows across the world, including a secret set at Download Festival!

STRENGTH IN NUMB333RS’ opening track ‘…’ is merely what appears to be a news report, in a sort of riot setting, chanting ‘333’ and the news reporter talks to one of the participants, which is frontman Jason Aalon Butler, and asks “sir, what is it you’re here for, what do you want the world to know after today?” to which Jason replies “What do I want them to know?, I want them to know there’s a motherfucking fever coming!” From that, the next track and lead single off the album ‘BURN IT’ kicks in. With their fast-paced, anthemic choruses that you can just chant from the top of your lungs, they go on to ‘ANIMAL’ which starts with the group chanting whoa, following into a catchy chorus, and fast hook verses from Jason, ‘I’m coming at you like an animal!’

The album doesn’t stop there with the energetic, huge riffs, and vicious vocals in ‘PREY FOR ME/3’, ‘OUT OF CONTROL/3’ and ‘COUP D’ETALK’. However, there are a few surprises on the new record, too.

One of the standout tracks to me is ‘ONE OF US’, starting with what sounds like female vocals, chanting ‘you are the minority, we are the majority, fuck your lies and fuck your greed’ with Jason Aalon Butler chanting over it, giving shout outs to his family,  and ‘the motherfucking majority’ with bellowing screams as the track gets into more of Butler’s vicious hooks as he spits venom, and boy oh boy THE FEVER 333 are here to stay. One of the surprise tracks for me, is the track that follows on from ‘ONE OF US’ called ‘INGLEWOOD/3’, and the reason why it surprised me is because it starts with Jason singing, with just drums in the background, as he gets into it, the listener will be able to hear the passion in his voice, as he finishes his first verse with a political statement, ‘fuck the police!’ but that isn’t all of the clean vocals we get, with the whole song being very slow, and somewhat of a ballad until the very end of the track, and the track is 7 minutes long, it takes until the 6th minute for Jason to lose it, as he roars giving the listeners what they want. Thinking that this is a one off, track ‘AM I HERE?’ starts very much like the previous track discussed, with it almost being a love song, with Jason singing ‘you’re the reason I am here, without you I’m missing’ and in THE FEVER 333 traditional style, the emotion and passion comes through and Jason loses it slightly, still keeping it together, with beautiful atmospheric violins to add in for good measure, this again is another surprise track that the listeners will not expect from THE FEVER 333.

In conclusion, this album is diverse, varied, and packs a punch, which is just what you’d expect from THE FEVER 333, however, hidden in there are a few sneaky surprises with an emotional love ballad included, this album is going to separate the boys from the men and I cannot wait to see what else it to come from these boys!

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