March 2, 2024

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Philippine death metal band Emperium release their first music video with new song, “Majestic Goat”

Hailing from Makati City, Philippines comes Emperium, a technical death metal band. Formed by two high school pals Niel Baluca and Chok Verzosa, comes an old-school stylized band that hits all their marks. The band made their entry with their debut album ‘Advent‘ in 2020, their technical prowess was made clear on their debut album. Emperium made their debut release through the Indonesia record label Eastbreath Records. Two years later Emperium returns with their masterclass of a new song ‘Majestic Goat’. The song is a five-minute instrumental journey that is well written and executed. Emperium has evolved their sound from their ‘Advent‘ days. Emperium‘s ‘Majestic Goat’ is the first release for the band in the last few years, with them not missing a beat in their return. The video production was done by KNYA Collective. Fans of Necrophagist, Obscura, and Spawn of Possession will find something to like about Emperium.

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