March 4, 2024

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On “Colder Than December”, Logan Kennedy sets out to chase his dreams despite great tragedy

If you live in the Northern Hemisphere, chances are it’s pretty cold in December. The month – and by product, usually the weather – can be a gloomy time for many. Whether it’s Linkin Park’s somber and reflective “My December” or Neck Deep’s ode to the aforementioned month on “December”, the month can also signal the darkness before the dawn, if you will.

Solo artist Logan Kennedy knows that particularly well, having dealt with times of great tragedy through his life – yet continuing to chase his dreams in the music industry. It’s pretty clear he is succeeding, too. With production help from Jon Eberhard of I Prevail and a fresh sound that’s also familiar to fans of modern post-hardcore // metalcore, his new song “Colder Than December” channels the grief and pain that’s affected him into something hard-hitting and emotive. With a good balance between the poppier and the heavier side of these genres, “Colder Than December” is the sound of a musician determined to succeed, no matter what obstacles may be in his path. And really, that’s what the best kind of music already does, right?

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