Nonpoint are “Back In The Game” with a new EP, a new video, and a new (independent) lease on life

There’s a term in the athletic world that’s not used often enough. A “grinder” is, by definition, someone that succeeds through hard work and determination more than actual skill. One band that typifies that notion more than most is Florida’s Nonpoint – except the part that might suggest they don’t have a ton of musical skill. Because they do. The Florida alt-metal/nu-metal band released their major label debut album Statement in October 2000 (two weeks before Hybrid Theory dropped), and since then, they’ve been pretty consistent – garnering a hugely dedicated fanbase and selling hundreds of thousands of albums no matter what genres are trending. Even when nu-metal was on a decline a few years after their debut, they only continued to get bigger – tracks like “Bullet With A Name” are still staples for this reason.

Now an independent band on their own label (361 Degrees Records) after toiling for years on both major and indie labels, Nonpoint are back with a new EP in Ruthless – giving their loyal fanbase new music and adapting to the current musical climate almost effortlessly. In fact, the EP’s title track is doing very well on rock radio and Spotify right now, racking up 2.6 million streams on the platform at the time of this posting.

It’s all really impressive for a band that’s been around as long as Nonpoint have, to be honest. While so many bands in their scene flounder with a failure to adapt accordingly, Nonpoint continue to buck the trend and please both their fans – and themselves.

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