NOMVDIC release first single in three years, “Just”

NOMVDIC is a diamond in the rough, hidden-gem metal act based out of Tampa, Florida. They’re so profound to me that they earned my rare 10/10 for 2020’s Euphoria. How James Lewis translates pain into music is masterful, evocative, and deserving of way more ears. That’s why I’m thrilled to share NOMVDIC’s newest single, “Just”, off “People Just Leave”, out August 25th via the unsung Blood Blast Distribution label.

The devastating, overbearing “Just” was inspired by acts like Humanity’s Last Breath, Code Orange, and Portrayal of Guilt, amongst others. It would be unfair to bog down NOMVDIC to one simple genre, where you can hear overtones of everything from blackened death metal to progressive metalcore. On full display are blast beats, galloping riffs, and harrowing vocal delivery. It’s a focused, intricate bevy of breakdowns, thrashing guitars, and larger-than-life vocal range.

Stream “Just” below and look out for People Just Leave on August 25th.

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