May 25, 2024

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Clarity releases new single “True Romantic,” featuring nightlife

Dubbing themselves as “The sound of Tokyo New Core” and “jpopcore”, once I heard about Clarity, I needed to do a deep dive. Stemming from Japan/Ireland, this 4-piece is proving themselves to be unique in an oversaturated sound, genuinely catching/keeping my interest in every song I explored thanks to groovy riffs, ascending vocals, and adept songwriting. Most noteworthy was the recent single “True Romantic”, which just so happened to also feature (and was produced by) New Fury favorite nightlife.

This immaculately-vibey tune covers all the bases and exudes talent from each member. It doesn’t need its vocal feature to take center stage – it’s just a seamless bonus. “True Romantic” rings true to a time where Issues was turning heads with their combustion of pop and heavy, and is truly a breath of fresh air. With a stick-in-your-head chorus and bouncy riffs, this is sure to be a massive entry point to a talented band with a back catalog to discover.

Stream “True Romantic” and Clarity’s other music below:

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