April 17, 2024

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Nightwish brings “Human. :II: Nature” tour to Radius Chicago for an evening of symphonic metal (Show Review)

After a 4 year wait Nightwish returned to the US and Chicago for an evening of symphonic metal at Radius.

Kicking off the evening on a different note were Helsinkis Beast In Black. With their fast and energetic brand of power metal the band ripped through a set making everyone in the crowd an instant fan. Be it Yannis Papadopoulos killer vocals and commandment of the stage and crowd or the vicious guitar solos the crowd was all for it. It should be said too that for a band that is playing fast, complicated, and down right crazy solos at time not only did they make it look easy but they clearly were enjoying themselves as well. Be it playing with the crowd or each other the band made it clear not only were they happy to be in Chicago for these fans but that they would be returning.

After a fairly quick turnover it was time for the band of the evening, Nightwish. After a quick intro the band quickly broke into “Noise” off the bands 2022 “Human. :II: Nature” album. With a set spanning their career but heavily focus on their latest releases fans were given an assortment of favorites and newer songs. Closing with the 20+ minute epic “The Greatest Show On Earth” closed the evening up in a bow the way only Nightwish can.

It has to be said though that Nightwish make everything seem so graceful. Floor Jansen can command the stage with her voice hitting notes that would seem impossible to most. Guitarist Emppu Vuorinen plays solos with such an elegant and calm feeling that he becomes almost other worldly during them. You can’t forget the band in the back though including Troy Donockley, a man of many talents, including the Uilleann pipes.

If you are a fan this tour is a must see for both bands. Its an evening with variety and a grand show that’ll have you talking for days.

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