April 15, 2024

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NFM Horror-Thon 2020: Fright Night (1985) Review

Fright Night might be THE key vampire movie, at least of the 80’s. Without a doubt though one of the best that’ll ever happen and thats for sure.

Following a teenager who starts to believe and find out that his neighbor is a vampire, he then must turn to his girlfriend, his friend, and a TV horror movie host as his only chances of taking down the vampire next door before its too late.

It’s a simple premise and at no point ever gets heavy or takes a sharp turn story wise. Set in modern times as well the film is self aware. Vampire tropes are not only used but displayed heavily to let the viewer know that its aware of the rules of a vampire.

With a cast including William Ragsdale (Charlie Brewster), Chris Sarandon (Jerry Dandridge), Roddy McDowall (Peter Vincent), Amanda Bearse (Amy Petersen), Steven Geoffreys (Ed ‘Evil’ Thompson) we are given a plethora of memorable characters.

Honestly Charlie Brewster might be the least interesting or memorable character here. A straight laced high school boy who loves his horror and his girl. He works great for what his role is though with the supporting cast around him can be lost in the background.

The real stars here are Chris Sarandon as Jerry Dandridge, the vampire. Bringing equal parts cool, sly, good and evil, and everything in between he comes across as the coolest vampire and bad guy you’d love to hate.

Fright Night is that intro to horror for teens I feel as well as a love letter to adults who love all things horror. With what could only be said as the perfect pacing for a film, memorable moments, and just being an all around phenomenal flick this is one that shouldn’t be avoided by any.

Score :


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