April 24, 2024

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This Day In Music History: October 3rd, 1995 – Deftones help a new era grow with debut album, ‘Adrenaline’

In the ’90s, alt-metal legends Deftones were far different from the pioneering and influential band they are currently. Originally lumped into the burgeoning nu-metal genre alongside the likes of Korn (who the band routinely gigged with in their home state of California), the band landed a record deal with Madonna’s Maverick Records which led to the release of their 1995 debut full-length Adrenaline. The album, released on this day in October of 1995, showcased a band whose sound was still developing – but the post-hardcore and alt-metal of the band shined through right away.

Powered by prominent early singles like “Bored” and fan favorite “7 Words”, Adrenaline eventually went Platinum on the strength of a jagged post-hardcore/alt-metal sound that was often labeled as nu-metal. While we can argue all day as to exactly what to label the band’s early work, one thing you can’t call Deftones is uninspired. Even the band’s early work, while still developing, showcased many of the traits they’d soon become known for – Chino Moreno’s developing, versatile vocals, Stephen Carpenter’s jagged and cutting guitar riffs, the backbone of bassist Chi Cheng, and Abe Cunningham’s underrated drumming. A key example is standout track “Engine No. 9”, which displays cutting Helmet-influenced riffs and an obvious hip-hop influence that would go on to define the band’s later work.

Combined, it was the sound of a band that would take a quantum leap on their next two albums Around The Fur and White Pony – and Adrenaline is where it all began.

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