March 4, 2024

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Behind The Video: Omissions – “A Body In Motion”

Omissions is a 5 piece Melodic Metalcore outfit from South, FL.  This is one band that I think have so much potential and a sound that stands out above all the cookie cutter crap we hear these days. Today they released a music video for “A Body In Motion”. This video is  a great representation of the band. It features Devin Ingelido and runs 3:45 in length.



I also got a chance to catch up with Renato Lopez (Vocals) and talk to him about the release and production of the video and whats to come.

The Chat:


How did the process of making the video form and how did it go?

From the beginning we knew we wanted to do something different for this release. We were lucky to have found, and worked with, Joey Durango. It was a fun experience,  very tiring and sweaty. For all of us and it was a pleasure to work with some very professional people.


How long was the filming process?

The process took about 7 hours. We took breaks every once in while in order to cool down. I think we ended up taking like 30 takes of the entire song.


What made you guys pick a track with guest vocals for a Music Video (You don’t see lot of that these days)?

Devin is a great friend to all of us and he shares our drive and passion for music. We originally wanted him to be part of our previous release (Dimensions North), but we could not do it due to scheduling issues. Getting Devin to be part of this song was much like saying “thank you” for supporting and believing in us as a band and as friends. With that being said, from a more technical point of view, he was a great fit vocally, he has a great sound and we knew the track would benefit from his collaboration.


In closing is there anything you would like to add about the video or for the readers?

Shooting the video was a great experience for us and a good milestone, but a small part of our current goal as a band. We’ve always try to reach for bigger and better things – a concept that was the basis for our first EP “Great Going Forth”. We are almost done writing our next album and we hope people will enjoy listening to it just as much as we enjoyed creating it. However, if people don’t want to wait for the release, they can always come out to one of our shows. We throw our new music into our sets at any given time.

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