March 4, 2024

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New Saviors unleash moody and powerful single “Garden of Lies”

“Darkness has swallowed your light // Blindly stumbling through the night // Sinners don’t get a fairytale death.”

New Saviors’ latest single “Garden of Lies” showcases the Vermont post-rock outfit’s moody and immersive sound. Following the success of their Personal Hell EP earlier this year, the band demonstrates a commitment to experimentation and authenticity that’s essential in the alternative music scene. The track’s dark sonic landscape places New Saviors in the company of notable acts like Imminence, Parkway Drive, and In This Moment. The song’s message is particularly powerful, addressing the use of religion to justify hateful words and actions: “Tough luck // You secured your damnation // Times up // Go on, say your goodbyes // Break down // While you pray for salvation // Hellbound // In your garden of lies.”

Vocalist Mick King describes it as their most assertive callout to date, and it reflects the band’s dedication to using their platform to address important issues. “Garden of Lies” is a compelling addition to New Saviors’ discography, both in terms of its musicality and meaningful message.

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