New Jersey metal band Indrid Cold release their guitar playthrough for their song “Cerberus”

From Rahway, New Jersey comes a metal band known by the name of Indrid Cold. Forming in 2018 the group set out to put their name in the world with their debut EP “Hell’s Abattoir”. Indrid Cold paves the way in their music with memorizing guitars, punchy bass-lines, and powerful vocals. The group falls under the genre specifications for deathcore and they group does a fantastic job spinning their own twists on the genre. This year Indrid Cold has released two of their strongest songs, “Cerberus” and “Thrown To The Wolves”. The group also released a revised version of “Serpents Tongue” taken from their debut EP. To kick off the new year Indrid Cold has released a captivating guitar playthrough for their song “Cerberus” showcasing the talented guitar work behind the track. Indrid Cold is currently working on new music for 2022.


The original song

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