May 25, 2024

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New Hampshire metalcore band In Shallows ignites with reflective anthem “World Fire”

“Forging our destiny / No longer will we sleep / Stealing our breath to light the world fire / They watch us suffocate / Crushed by the heavy weight / Saving our breath to light the world fire.”

In Shallows’ latest offering, “World Fire”, ignites with a potent blend of intensity and introspection. Following their viral hit “Venom”, this New Hampshire outfit proves their fortitude once again on the metalcore scene. With a sonic landscape that balances ferocity and accessibility, they command attention, drawing comparisons to heavy music’s finest.

While maintaining their signature instrumental prowess, In Shallows elevates their lyrical narrative in “World Fire”. Reflecting on global turmoil, the band delves into the depths of societal decay, offering a poignant commentary on humanity’s self-destructive tendencies: “Embers poison the air that you breathe / Suffer to survive / Doomsday has arrived / Blood in the sky / We have run out of time / Wake up and see mankind / Drenched in gasoline / One lit match will set us free.” Their intentionality shines through, transcending mere musical expression to deliver a rallying cry for change.

The band discusses “World Fire” in the following statement: “We thought this song was necessary in light of recent events around the world. We didn’t just take our words and put them in a song, we were sick of watching the news everyday with the same droning nonsense. It got to the point that we realized the world was engulfed with negativity. “World Fire” metaphorically reflects our views of humanity failing and creating our own destruction.”

With nearly a year since their last release “Venom”, In Shallows demonstrates a deliberate approach to their craft. “World Fire” epitomizes this ethos, channeling worldly observations into an anthemic powerhouse. As they continue their upward trajectory, it’s evident that this rising talent is poised to make an ineradicable mark on heavy music’s landscape. Brace yourselves for what lies ahead, for In Shallows is a force to be reckoned with.


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