February 21, 2024

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Midwinter explores human connection through spirited “Glass Mountains”

“Collect your thoughts on the way out / I’d help you pick up the pieces, but you broke my hand/ I hope you fall on the way down / I hope you beg for forgiveness / When you understand…”

Progressive metalcore band Midwinter has unveiled their latest track “Glass Mountains.” The band delves into its profound significance, exploring the metaphorical essence of relationships, depicting the symbolism and delicate nature of connections in their statement: “A glass mountain is a metaphor for all and any relationships. Something large and meaningful made between two or more people, but fragile like glass. You can spend a lifetime building a strong relationship or ‘mountain’ with a friend, family member, or even a significant other, but one negative event, disagreement, or even just a temporary loss of temperament can shatter the greatest of mountains, leaving you with broken memories of someone that once was. This track is a sonic exploration of the human experience, capturing both the strength and fragility that define our most cherished relationships.” Within “Glass Mountains,” listeners can immerse themselves in an atmospheric soundscape, mirroring the intricate dynamics of human interaction through its shifting intensity. The lyrical content ever shines, casting a constant glow as they weave a poetic narrative with the emotive tones of the instruments, creating a captivating ebb and flow of complexity.

“Break away from anything / I’ve got to save myself from this abysmal hole / Break away from everything / I can’t be infinite.


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